Friday, May 25, 2012

Francene Carroll

Desires of the Flesh
Author: Francene Carroll:

Publisher: Big Ears Media Group:

eBook or Print or Both:  ebook

Genre: Paranormal romance

Heat Level: Low

Places to purchase:  Amazon
Cover Artist: Dara England
Lucia West is enjoying her bachelorette party at the nightclub Desire, when she is savagely bitten by a man on the dance floor. From this moment onwards her world is turned upside down as she is haunted by giant bats and a strange glowing figure in the park outside her bedroom window.

As her wedding day draws closer, Lucia begins to walk in her sleep, and she believes the man who attacked her at Desire is following her. When she confronts him in the park one night, the man informs her that he is a vampire called Drake L’amour, and that she, too, could become a vampire if she allows him to drink from her veins one more time. He offers her a life of endless glamour and excitement if she surrenders her soul to him.

Is Lucia losing her mind, or does the vampire really exist? Will she go ahead with her marriage to faithful Aiden, or will she be lured to the dark side by the sexy vampire L’amour?

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