Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nicole Morgan

Sudden Devotion
Author: Nicole Morgan:

Publisher: Siren Bookstrand, Inc.:
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Sextreme

Adult Content: Erotic, Sex Toys, Voyeurism
Cover Artist: Jinger Bruton Heaston


 Sara is inexperienced with men, but finds her untapped sexuality is bursting beneath the pressure of lustful desires. Mitch works with Sara and knows office romances can go horribly wrong, but that doesn’t stop him from going ahead with his plan to seduce her. Soon, the two find themselves in an erotic game of pleasure. Their affair proves to be more than either of them anticipated. After only a couple of days their relationship intensifies into a firestorm of passion and they begin to fall in love.
Claudia works with them both and isn’t happy when Mitch rejects her advances. Not willing to take no for an answer she uses every form of manipulation to drive the couple apart. Is their relationship strong enough to handle the betrayal that they believe to be true? Or will the thought of losing each other be the catalyst to keep them together?

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