Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Venita Louise

In Mysterious Ways
Author:  Venita Louise:

Publisher: Vinspire Publishing:
eBook or Print or Both: print and e-book

Genre:    Paranormal
Heat Level: Tepid

Places to purchase: Kindle and all booksellers
Adult Content: mild sexual content
Cover Artist: Elaina Lee


When well-known California artist Lang Garret takes a trip to Phoenix he has more than his gallery appearance in mind. For his blues performing fiancé, Amanda Howard, who is traveling with him, his plans have certainly become the surprise of her life.

What begins as a curious adventure for a group of six turns an expected pleasure into a predicament of terror. The unfathomable energy of the circle has a different repercussion for each individual who enters it. It seems impossible that the gyre could produce a horror, the power to kill, a marvel, the power to heal and a blessing all at once but the supernatural occurrences caused by the circle continue to alter their lives long after leaving Arizona. Now Lang and Amanda writhe under the struggle to keep their relationship intact or unwillingly allow the energy to annihilate their love.

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