Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nicole Morgan

Love Knows No Boundaries
Author:  Nicole Morgan:

Publisher: Siren Bookstrand, Inc.:
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Heat Level: Sizzling

Adult Content: Erotic

Cover Artist: Jinger Bruton Heaston


Isabelle first fell in love with Sean when she was fifteen years old. Six years her senior, he saw her as a gawky teenager. While at college, Isabelle has found the perfect boyfriend. Justin is patient, kind and a complete gentleman. Sean’s feelings for her have changed, and he is tired of sitting by while she is with another man. Driven by desire and love, he does everything within his power to win the woman that he loves.
Justin, the once-perfect boyfriend, begins to fall apart at the idea of losing Isabelle. In a moment of rage and desperation, he does something horrific, effectively changing their future, forever.
Will Sean’s love be enough to get them through the pain? Or will Isabelle walk away from Sean forever? And does love truly know no boundaries?
Note: This book contains sexual assault essential to the story line dealing with the traumatic aftermath. There is no sexual titillation in this criminal act.

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