Wednesday, May 2, 2012

G. D. Ogan


Publisher: Create Space:

eBook or Print or Both:  Both Print and eBook through Amazon & Amazon Kindle

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Level: High
Adult Content:  Erotic
Cover Artist: Doug Adams


In this first book in the series, Gary Logan finds a photograph pointing to the fact that his father had a tryst while working in Prague after WW-II. Traveling there, Gary connects with the beautiful Magdalena Dvora’k whose knowledge about his father is beyond what seems possible.  Gary realizes meeting “Maggie” is far more than just a happy accident, but falls in love with her anyway. Professing his love, Gary tells Maggie he believes she was his father’s paramour and, on meeting Eviana, her daughter, wonders if “Evy” might be his half-sister.

Maggie confesses both her own feelings for Gary as well as the fact that she did have a love affair with Gary’s father. It is clear, both Maggie and Evy are vampires, but Gary doesn’t care as he is totally in love and gains approval from the Residency Coven’s leader (who is known as “Grandmother”) to go through the pain of conversion himself to become a vampire and thus join with Maggie and the rest of Grandmother’s Coven who have vowed to protect humans from the out-of-control evil vampires who seek to attack and drain innocent humans of their blood.

It is fortunate for both the coven and mankind as a whole that Gary is now a vampire, because his knowledge of military tactics and equipment allows the good vampires to defend themselves and aid the humans when the new, psychotic, leader of the evil vampires seeks to destroy everyone by stealing and using weapons of mass destruction from England and Russia.

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