Friday, May 11, 2012

Vijaya Schartz

Curse of the Lost Isle Book 2
Author:  Vijaya Schartz:

Publisher:  Books We Love Ltd:

eBook or Print or Both:  eBook

Genre:  Historical fantasy romance

Heat Level: ***

Places to purchase:

Adult Content: Sensual romance

Cover Artist : Michelle Lee

810 AD - Alba (Ancient Scotland) - Queen at last, Pressine brings victory to her beloved Elinas and prosperity to their growing kingdom. But she has to contend with the intrigues of Charlemagne's bishops, spurred by her Christian stepson. While Elinas, on the battlefield, remains unaware of his son’s machinations, Pressine fends off repeated assaults against her life. She also fears the curse that could bring her downfall. For the love of Elinas, she will tempt fate and become with child. But when her indomitable passion challenges the wrath of the Goddess Herself... can she win that battle?

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