Friday, June 1, 2012

Mandi Casey

Betrayal Bites

Publisher:  Soul Mate Publishing:
eBook or Print or Both:
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Heat Level: Hot
Places to purchase: and
Adult Content: Sensual


Sydney Sedrick, cursed with the powers of the Selected, is monitored by the vampires and werewolves who covet her abilities to rid the city of one another. Sydney receives a summons to attend the Blood Rites Ball, an Elder vampire ceremony to determine her fate. The Midwestern Werewolf Pack demands her loyalty, while Blake, the heir to the wolf pack, is adamant she is his life-mate, meant to be together, forever. To make matters worse, an insider is betraying the vampires, leaking information to the rogues who want Sydney dead.


mandy said...

Love the cover mandi,and i got to get this one! Sounds awesome!!

Mandi Casey said...

Thanks for stopping! I'm really excited about this new release :)