Monday, May 7, 2012

Regina Cole

Sinful Truth
Author: Regina Cole:

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing:

eBook or Print or Both: eBook
Genre: Erotic Horror Romance

Heat Level: 5/5

Places to purchase:

Adult Content: Erotic Horror

Cover Artist:  Syneca

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Bryerly Keats just wants a fresh start. Instead she discovers a group of men who prey on women, devouring them to gain powers and immortality. When the men set their sights on Bry, she’s rescued by Verum the Truth Keeper, an ancient being who sees all, knows all and bears the ugly truths of the world on his broad, lonely shoulders. He’s willing to rescue Bry if she’s willing to pay a price—not just hours of mind-blowing, orgasmic bliss, but a lifetime of sharing his burdens. Including the ability to read minds and see the past.
In a town where men do horrible, unspeakable things, being able to hear the darkness of their thoughts is more curse than gift, but Bry is willing to do anything if it means ending the carnage…and staying with Verum forever.

Reader Advisory: Sinful Truth is a supernatural slasher romance with lots of hot sex and a hero who’s to die for—literally. If you’re squeamish or object to a nipple clamp or two, you might need a fainting couch for this one.

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