Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Camryn Rhys

Gaines & Losses
Author: Camryn Rhys:


Sylvie Proulx has a very proper, professional life, where every second is scheduled and each mouthful of food carefully documented and exercised away. But a woman has needs. So she discreetly requests a 1NS date from Madame Eve, only to be paired with a free-spirited cowboy from Freewill, Wyoming with a thing for steak. Paul Gaines needs a sponsor for the national rodeo circuit and travels back to Vegas to seek out a meeting. He needs a date to the fancy party, and calls on a dating service he's known for a long time, expecting a night of fun and companionship. But the more he discovers about Sylvie, the more he wants to cover her in crème brûlée and teach her how to ride a horse. Sylvie has very careful boundaries, and Paul only has one night to convince her to

eBook or Print or Both: Ebook
Contemporary, foodie romance, western, erotic romance, interracial
Heat Level: 4
Places to purchase: 
All Romance
Adult Content: Erotic
Cover Artist: Mina Carter
give him a tomorrow.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Juli D. Revezzo

Caitlin’s Book of Shadows
Author: Juli D. Revezzo:
Something terrifying stalks Caitlin and her beloved Trevor. Something the bits and pieces she left claimed she had to make sense of--or so legend says. When the curator of their collection finds Caitlin's long forgotten diary, she wonders will it tell the whole tale? Will it tell why Caitlin seemed so determined to tell the difference between reality and nightmare even as she continued the fight to defend her family from evil? Will it explain why she thought her world twisted? If she really became a witch?

Perhaps the answer lies between the lines of her story, one of lessons, struggles, and the hopes she carried like a warrior's shield.

 **This is a side (or supplemental, if you will) story in the Antique Magic series, a companion to The Artist's Inheritance (Antique Magic, Book One).
Publisher: Raven Queen Publications:
eBook or Print or Both: Ebook only
Genre: supernatural fantasy
Places to purchase:  Amazon
and Barnes and Noble:
Adult Content: a little violence
Cover Artist (If available): Matthew Revezzo Designs:

Susan Davis

Imagine the Possibilities
Author: Susan Davis:

Join Turbo as he learns about different career possibilities for the future. His friends Ziggy and Firecracker help along the way. When you grow up, what will you do? You can start imagining, too!
Publisher: Createspace:
eBook or Print or Both: Print
Genre: Children’s
Heat Level: 0
Places to purchase: Amazon
Cover Artist: layout by Sherwin Soy, images by Susan Davis


Sara Jay

The Boon Collector (Soul Debt)
Author: Sara Jay: 

Timid Tisha Sanderson never had much luck in love or life. When a smoking hot demon, Bane, comes to collect a debt from her ex-lover and decides to make her pay up instead, her life suddenly becomes more interesting.
Tisha finds herself on both the giving and receiving ends of torture in Hell as she attempts to escape Bane. As the lines between pleasure and pain blur, Tisha begins to connect with long-forgotten parts of herself. Her completion of the final dark deed grants her freedom.
The question is, does she still want it?
Publisher: Changeling Press:
eBook or Print or Both: eBook
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Heat Level: Adult
Places to purchase:
Adult Content: Erotic romance, BDSM
Cover Artist: Renee George

Sara Jay

Hard As a Rock
Author: Sara Jay:

Canna, an impish, flirty faery, loves to service just about any client who enters the Pleasure Club, a futuristic sex club. But although the clientele is satisfied, Canna aches for the impossible. A sexy, larger-than-life gargoyle statue that happens to be a simple a décor item.

Basalt has spent centuries wanting Canna all to himself. Though his nightly visits train her to be his perfect lover, will she still want him when she finds out what he does during the day?

Publisher: Changeling Press:
eBook or Print or Both: eBook
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Heat Level: Adult
Adult Content: Erotic romance, BDSM, Bisexuality, Menage
Cover Artist: Bryan Keller


Victoria Leeman

Gem: The Season of prophecy
Author: Victoria Leeman:
The 10th Century Heroic Fantasy Gem: The Season of prophecy tells of Protector Gods, the African Jaba tribes, and the vile armies of Hell in their epic battle for Earth. Bakari, an African Marinda warrior, dreams of predicting the monsoon, and summons the sorcerer, Cagin. Aligned with Hades, and ever plotting for world domination, Cagin grants Bakari’s wish, though the repayment of his debt sees Bakari and his love, Asase, entwined in Cagin’s schemes.
Gaia, the Earth Mother, discovers Bakari’s new power on the eve of the Underworld war and makes him a Spirit god. When Gaia births her three Gem daughters, Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire, Bakari stands beside the Protector gods and his tribal warriors to protect them from Cagin and Hades.  Bakari knows that the crystal formation of Gem is the Earth’s only hope.
Ever mindful of the Prophecy of the ancient Sidhe that foretells of Hades’ contest for Earth and of peril for the Gem goddesses, Bakari unites with the Protectors, the Fairy Clans, and an enslaved king on his heroic path to defend Gem and the Earth and clear the divide of gods and men. 
Like his ancestors before him, Bakari and his warrior brothers stand together and fight for honour, for tribe and for Gem. 
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing:
eBook or Print or Both:    Print (Paperback)
Genre: Epic Heroic Fantasy
Heat Level: Recommended 14 years +
Places to purchase:
Adult Content: Two brief sensual scenes. Nothing Explicit.
Cover Artist: DPS Design

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Clare Dargin

Cold Warriors

Publisher: Decadent Publishing:
eBook or Print or Both:  Ebook only.
Genre:  Interracial, Futuristic Romance
Heat Level: 3
Places to purchase:
Adult Content:
Cover Artist: LFD Designs
Left in cryogenic stasis for nearly a century, Caitlin Driskoll is awakened and drafted into a war she knows nothing about. Expected to defend a world where her kind is despised and expendable, she discovers love and respect from the one man who can’t be associated with her.

Lieutenant Colonel Medoro Keegan has spent a lifetime in the Marines. With no family to speak of, the Corps and his ship, the USS Blanchard, are all the loved ones he needs…until Caitlin sparks a fire within, that threatens to consume him if he doesn’t walk away.

Will he choose a life of certainty in the only world he knows or give it all to Caitlin and run the risk of losing someone, yet again?

Kelley J. Nightrose

Love and Terror in the High Andes
Author: Kelley J. Nightrose:
Publisher: Breathless Press:
eBook or Print or Both: eBook
Genre: Erotic romance horror
Heat Level: 3
Adult Content: Erotic
Cover Artist: Victoria Miller
The following is a link to a review.
The Romance Reviews gives - Love and Terror in the High Andes 5 stars
Angela, a young British journalist, tags along with a scientific research team into the high Andean forests of Peru and finds herself the lone survivor after a vicious attack by bloodthirsty predators. Her only hope lies with Jason, a gorgeous wild man. Unable to communicate verbally Angela and Jason discover that, sometimes, words are unnecessary. The most important things are best when experienced. In the midst of their desperate struggle to stay alive Angela finds the one place she belongs; in Jason's arms. But saving her could cost him everything.