Sunday, April 22, 2012

Susan R. Hughes

Divided Hearts
Author: Susan R. Hughes:
eBook or Print or Both: Both
Genre: Contemporary romance
Heat Level: medium
Places to purchase: Amazon, Smashwords
Adult Content: Sensual


When Faye's best friend is injured in a car accident, Faye is left to care for her friend's young child – expecting no help from the baby's father, who has never been a part of the little girl's life. But when Simon unexpectedly reappears, Faye learns that he never knew about his child; and now that he knows of his daughter's existence, he wants nothing more than to bond with her. As the relationship between father and daughter grows, so does the attraction between Simon and Faye – and they find themselves faced with a heartbreaking choice between their desire for each other and the best interests of the little girl whose future lies in their hands.

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