Tuesday, April 3, 2012

JC Szot

The South Window
Author: JC Szot
The South Window (MFM)

Author’s website: Siren Publishing:
eBook or Print or Both: Ebook
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Scorching
Places to purchase:
Adult Content: Erotic Menage a trois romance, M/F/M, love triangle, voyeurism

While Dan is called away to manage a corporate takeover, Allie is left alone. When Marty Crawford moved in nect door, her friend Tess begins planning her hot pursuit. What starts as a congenial friendship between the three drifts into uncharted waters when Marty comifides in Allie, sharing that Tess belongsto a swing club and has taken Marty there as her guest. Marty struggles with the lifestyle.

Seeing Allie as a woman with depth and substabce--and available for the taking--his attraction for Allie grows. With Dan gone and Tess's impulsive plans take a trip with her swinger friends, Marty and Allie trave down a road where there is no turning back. A careless mistake one summer afternoon provokes a life-threatening confrontation.

Upon Dan's return home, he realizes that his answer to mending his broken, neglected relationship with Allie is right next door, and Marty is more than willing to help.

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