Wednesday, April 25, 2012

David Arrayet

The Crimson Falcon

eBook or Print or Both: e-book
Genre: Thriller, black humor

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Cover Artist: Lynn Arrayet


 The Crimson Falcon.  He's completely insane.  But he uses that power for good instead of evil.

There are many superheroes; those who can fly, bash through walls and who are invulnerable to conventional attack.
Then there is The Crimson Falcon.  He can do none of these things, yet he stands unique.  He's CRAZY - but he uses this power for good instead of evil.
The Crimson Falcon is an ordinary mortal, a street crazy. He is neither loved nor needed by society. His is a dead end life without purpose or impact: An empty existence.   His delusion that he is a super hero gives him worth.  He is SOMEBODY.  He is The Crimson Falcon, champion for justice (the ultimate make work program).
Mocked by society: which dismisses him for the loon he is, his friend in a comic book gives him the peer support he craves and needs.
The Crimson Falcon is not normally a brave man. He fears violence and confrontation and there are moments of self-doubt when he realizes he is no more than a nut in a filthy costume.  Fortunately for his self-esteem, these moments are rare. Such is the life of THE CRIMSON FALCON
Then he meets KIKI, a beautiful and charming woman, who give him the love an acceptance he has never known.  Sadly, like so many other promises in the world, she is too good to be true, as her real purpose, to lure him to a death trap, is revealed.
This death trap is set up by a wealthy, powerful, and rightwing nut named Hargreaves.
Hargreaves, well connected and politically ambitious, is a truly dangerous madman, a threat to all humanity.  The Crimson Falcon is alone against him and for once, the world may actually depend on him.

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