Sunday, April 22, 2012

Susan R. Hughes

Healing Anna’s Heart
Author: Susan R. Hughes:

eBook or Print or Both: Both
Genre: Contemporary romance
Heat Level: medium
Places to purchase: Amazon
Adult Content: Sensual


Four years after her fiancé’s death, Anna is still struggling to rebuild her life. Leaving her hometown of Halifax for a new career in Montreal hasn’t relieved her of the guilt she suffers for the accident that took Ben’s life. Drawn back to Nova Scotia for a funeral, Anna is determined to keep Ben’s family from learning what really happened the night he died.

This is easier said than done when she finds herself in the arms of Ben’s brother Josh, who has loved Anna from afar since the moment they met. With Josh she begins to reclaim her peace of mind and rediscover the passion she has held in check since Ben’s death. But secrets have a way of revealing themselves, and as the attraction between Josh and Anna deepens, mysteries from the past begin to unravel, turning their world upside down once again.

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