Monday, June 24, 2013

Victoria Leeman

Gem: The Season of prophecy
Author: Victoria Leeman:
The 10th Century Heroic Fantasy Gem: The Season of prophecy tells of Protector Gods, the African Jaba tribes, and the vile armies of Hell in their epic battle for Earth. Bakari, an African Marinda warrior, dreams of predicting the monsoon, and summons the sorcerer, Cagin. Aligned with Hades, and ever plotting for world domination, Cagin grants Bakari’s wish, though the repayment of his debt sees Bakari and his love, Asase, entwined in Cagin’s schemes.
Gaia, the Earth Mother, discovers Bakari’s new power on the eve of the Underworld war and makes him a Spirit god. When Gaia births her three Gem daughters, Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire, Bakari stands beside the Protector gods and his tribal warriors to protect them from Cagin and Hades.  Bakari knows that the crystal formation of Gem is the Earth’s only hope.
Ever mindful of the Prophecy of the ancient Sidhe that foretells of Hades’ contest for Earth and of peril for the Gem goddesses, Bakari unites with the Protectors, the Fairy Clans, and an enslaved king on his heroic path to defend Gem and the Earth and clear the divide of gods and men. 
Like his ancestors before him, Bakari and his warrior brothers stand together and fight for honour, for tribe and for Gem. 
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing:
eBook or Print or Both:    Print (Paperback)
Genre: Epic Heroic Fantasy
Heat Level: Recommended 14 years +
Places to purchase:
Adult Content: Two brief sensual scenes. Nothing Explicit.
Cover Artist: DPS Design

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