Monday, June 24, 2013

Sara Jay

The Boon Collector (Soul Debt)
Author: Sara Jay: 

Timid Tisha Sanderson never had much luck in love or life. When a smoking hot demon, Bane, comes to collect a debt from her ex-lover and decides to make her pay up instead, her life suddenly becomes more interesting.
Tisha finds herself on both the giving and receiving ends of torture in Hell as she attempts to escape Bane. As the lines between pleasure and pain blur, Tisha begins to connect with long-forgotten parts of herself. Her completion of the final dark deed grants her freedom.
The question is, does she still want it?
Publisher: Changeling Press:
eBook or Print or Both: eBook
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Heat Level: Adult
Places to purchase:
Adult Content: Erotic romance, BDSM
Cover Artist: Renee George

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