Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Camryn Rhys

Gaines & Losses
Author: Camryn Rhys:


Sylvie Proulx has a very proper, professional life, where every second is scheduled and each mouthful of food carefully documented and exercised away. But a woman has needs. So she discreetly requests a 1NS date from Madame Eve, only to be paired with a free-spirited cowboy from Freewill, Wyoming with a thing for steak. Paul Gaines needs a sponsor for the national rodeo circuit and travels back to Vegas to seek out a meeting. He needs a date to the fancy party, and calls on a dating service he's known for a long time, expecting a night of fun and companionship. But the more he discovers about Sylvie, the more he wants to cover her in crème brûlée and teach her how to ride a horse. Sylvie has very careful boundaries, and Paul only has one night to convince her to

eBook or Print or Both: Ebook
Contemporary, foodie romance, western, erotic romance, interracial
Heat Level: 4
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All Romance
Adult Content: Erotic
Cover Artist: Mina Carter
give him a tomorrow.

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