Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Blood Forge-Revised Author’s Edition

Author: Kathryn Meyer Griffith: (to see book trailers with original music by my singer/songwriter brother JS Meyer);

Publisher:  Damnation Books:

Genre: Romantic Horror

Heat Level: (1) Sweet

Places to purchase (no more than two please):

Cover Artist: Dawne Dominique

Blood Forge-Revised Author’s Edition (originally a 1989 Leisure paperback). An ancient snake-demon lays trapped behind the stone walls of an Incan prison, for centuries demanding blood sacrifices and scheming to escape. Then it discovers a pathway into the world of men, forging itself into a malevolent 357 Colt Python, and making itself capable of incomparable destruction and misery. Through decades it torments, decimates, the unfortunate people whose lives it comes into until a loving married couple, Emily and Sam Walters, have enough love and faith–and the help of a mysterious priest who’s much more than he appears to be–to fight against and destroy it forever…and to send it back to hell where it belongs.***

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