Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cate Masters

Betting it All
Norah Hawkins wants a new life as far from her old one as possible, but where can she ever find that chance? When a letter arrives promising her the deed to property in San Francisco, Norah packs her bags and flees the broken shards of her troubled past.
With its anything-goes atmosphere, 1906 San Francisco suits Irishman Gerard MacKenzie just fine. He loves tending bar in Norah’s saloon, and verbally sparring with the shrewd businesswoman for more privileges and work. Her beauty, wit and sass make his blood boil with need.
But disaster looms over their promising new lives when a terrible earthquake buries their dreams and threatens to shatter their future. Norah and Mac must rebuild their lives from the ruins and they’ll need each other more than ever, but can their ties to each other save them or tear them apart?

Decadent Publishing:



Historical, western romance, action/adventure, erotic romance

Heat Level: 3

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All Romance

Adult Content: Sensual

Cover Artist: Tibbs Designs

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Cate Masters said...

Thank you so much for featuring Betting It All! That cover still makes me swoon. :)