Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Juli D. Revezzo

The Artist’s Inheritance
Author:  Juli D. Revezzo:
Publisher: Raven Queen Publications:
eBook or Print or Both: It’s available in both print, and various ebook formats
Genre: paranormal fantasy/horror
Heat Level: Sweet
Places to purchase:
Boulevard Photografica/ Patty G. Henderson
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Trouble only a witch can solve...

Settling into a new home, Caitlin notices changes coming over her husband. When nightmares deepen and ghosts begin lurking--Caitlin knows something's not right, and not just her newfound precognitive abilities. It's the damned chair her husband's carving, she's sure. Could it be just what it seems: a mundane piece of furniture? If so, why is it attracting dark forces--the forces she suspects drove Trevor's siblings to insanity and suicide?

Armed with a handful of allies--a coven of helpful witches--she must proceed with caution against the hellish forces besieging her family. If she fails, she may lose forever the one thing she cares about most: her beloved Trevor.